Home Construction

Applegren constructs beautiful homes, working with you every step of the way. We work through all aspects of building a home, including:

  • Financing/budgets
  • Finding a suitable lot
  • Architect - plans
  • Permits/electrical/city
  • Excavation
  • Footings/foundation
  • Driveway/sidewalks
  • Siding/roofing/drainage
  • Sheetrock/tape
  • Texture painting/wall paper
  • Carpet/flooring/tile
  • Custom cabinets
  • Plumbing/electrical
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Cabling/network/phone
  • Appliances/kitchen doors
  • Windows
  • Heating/fire
  • Place brick work


Applegren will arrange and schedule all permits, electrical, plumbing, and other needed sub-contractors to complete the job on time.


Meticulous planning is key to a triumphant remodel.

Family Rooms

A young family with kids gets very excited about the family room add-on. Putting a room on a small house is especially valuable.

Windows and Doors

We put a lot of care into the installation of windows and doors. We will help you pick out a product that will fit your remodel in beauty, efficiency, and performance.


Poured concrete offers solid performance in foundation construction.

The solution to today’s foundation needs is cast-in-place concrete. Poured concrete walls provide builders and owners with stronger, drier, better foundations. They offer performance that block walls simply can't match and they do it at a competitive price.

  • Strength: Poured walls have a comprehensive and flexural strength several times that of block and far beyond the required safety factor of one.
  • Water Resistance: Applegren is a Licensed Poly-Wall Dealer.
  • Fire Resistance: Solid wall construction affords at least twice as much protection against fire as hollow core concrete blocks.
  • Design Flexibility: Poured wall techniques are adaptable to most home designs and offer the choice of either brick look or smooth finishes.
  • Maintenance Ease: Poured wall construction is virtually maintenance free.
Poured Concrete Walls Contain 40% More Concrete Than Hollow Core Block with No Joints

Pouring concrete basements takes considerably less time than block construction. "Roughing in" can begin sooner. Ready Mixed concrete can also adapt to cold weather construction, giving builders an extended construction season.

Use Poured Concrete Walls in Any Home Design

Poured wall construction is adaptable to all home styles including ranches, duplexes, split levels, condominiums and apartments.

You’ll Have Fewer Callbacks

Concrete is resistant to rot, decay, rodents, termites and fungi. And poured concrete is nontoxic, containing no preservatives to become free upon contact or by leaching. Solid concrete wall basements take care of themselves.

Poured Concrete Doesn’t Cost as Much as You Think

Controlling costs is one of the biggest concerns of builders and buyers. Efficient modern construction methods make poured wall basements cost competitive with block walls. When you consider all that solid concrete basements have to offer at a comparable price, don't compromise your foundation.